I wanted to break down my first AA quality model in a dedicated article, in order for me to track down my progress as a 3D artist, and for anyone reading this, hopefully finding it useful.

My dream was to become a 3D artist, preferably an environment artist. In order to achieve this goal, you should have a strong portfolio, communication skills, ability to receive a feedback (even the negative one), and passion for the art itself. Environments can range from small scenes to vast scenes, and for a beginner artist this may seem like an overkill task to perform…

Headphones on 24/7 (Source)

I’m 11 years old, attending elementary school, playing tennis and went to art school, both as my free time activities. Along these things, I also really like to play games. Maybe way too much.

As the title suggests, this article is going to be dedicated to my first life addiction — videogames. I don’t think it had many serious effects on me or my surroundings, but it certainly made my life harder.


So how it all began?

I’m 11 years old, attending elementary school, playing tennis and went to art school, both as my free time activities. Along these things…

As a part of my digital minimalism planning, I went over all my computer files, accounts and things in general, and everything unnecessary went straight to bin. Including most of my social media accounts, which is the main focus of today’s article.

I’d like to present you my opinion on these platforms, people and things happening on them, and ultimately, why I left most of them. By saying most, I disabled my Facebook account as well, but after having too many connected accounts from other websites, I was sorta left with one last account standing, but thinking about from the…

Sunset over the bay
Sunset over the bay
If the feeling of the overcame fear was a picture (Source)

First few words

This article is going to be the most personal one I’ve ever written, and perhaps the longest one yet. It is dedicated to a 3 years of my life ranging from the early 2018 till early 2021, which is the time of the writing of this post. I decided to separate it into book-like chapters, in order to split the article in easier to read pieces and separate important sub chapters of the story. …

Quite contrary to general opinion, Czechoslovakia ceased to exist all the way back in 1.1.1993. And as a current Slovakian citizen, after numerous and endless occasions of being labeled as a Czechoslovakian (or Polish) I feel really obliged to write this article to clear some things up.

Up-to-date map until 1993 (Source : man vs clock)

As the year is almost 2021 (at the time of writing), it’s been over almost 28 years of being 2 separate countries, yet most of the western world lives in an illusion of united Czechoslovakia.

When it comes to the split, many things are rather unclear. After 3 years of breaking out of…

The story of my first Android published videogame, and it’s commercial success.

TL;DR It wasn’t.


Game screen throughout the gameplay (Source : Me)

In terms of design, we have no design.

Design of the ShapeItUp is as simple as it could be. Reason for that is to make it easier for myself to develop the game in the first place as a solo game developer, but at the same time, there was no need to make it look any fancier from the mobile market standpoint. …

I started playing tennis in the year of 2010. It’s been 10 years already, with some time on and off, depending on my current situation. I can safely say, tennis is a cure to my anxiety, good for the body and the mind. I started to play this saint sport when I was just 10, ever since that, a lot of things changed and I learned a lot in the process. Looking backwards, it’s been great, but what I may not notice was how tennis has certain important life lessons, right beneath the hood. …

Personal experience from the government provided quarantine in Slovakia

When 2019 was about to end, I got to hear from various sources, friends or memes that for the past few centuries, ’20s were marked by terribly huge pandemics or outbreaks. 1720 marked with bubonic plague, 1820 cholera, 1920 the Spanish flu. And here we are hundred years later, wondering what went wrong.. again.. Some are stating it’s a man made disease, some that it was caused by a Chinese guy eating a bat. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the cause of this whole situation, as it doesn’t matter anymore.

Once upon a time, everyone stands in front of important life decision : study on university (or college) or skip some years and taste the real life straight after high school. My personal decision was rather obvious one, judging by the country I am from — if you don’t have an university diploma in your CV or portfolio, most of employers will “let you know” and indirectly tell you to see yourself outside of their building.

Unlike most of my peers, I knew what I wanted to be since around 6th grade of elementary school. I always loved artistic creations…

Tim Adamcik

Motto of the blog : “Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.” I’m a 21 year old guy learning 3D art and trying to help people by sharing my experiences

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